nike air max wright as the cabin fever seemed to have reached its peak and is finally passing slowly. I sympathize with people complaining about insomnia or routine issues with Daylight Savings but I’m glad for the afternoon light. And today is especially gorgeous although I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for even warmer weather. Clear blue skies and some slow melt.

In addition to the usual stuff and the daily grind, we’re finally getting social again, which is good, as the cabin fever seemed to have reached its peak and is finally passing slowly. I sympathize with people complaining about insomnia or routine issues with Daylight Savings but I’m glad for the afternoon light. And today is especially gorgeous although I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for even warmer weather. Clear blue skies and some slow melt.

One of my friends had a baby shower recently. She’s very nerdy but in a fun way. Big into steampunk. Very much into fairies and unicorns which the girls loved discussing with her. She’s super sweet and meeting her you might think she grew up sheltered but she had a crazy-ass childhood. Haha…I guess I can be the same way, even though we have different interests.

That gives me some of the concern how this will go. I really really like her husband. But in a way their dynamic has always been off because he helped give her an "escape" from her abusive childhood. In my case I lived independently for ten years before meeting Craig, but she jumped right into it. But they always got along well and were happy so no inherent harm, right? But they’d been together since teenager-hood and both said they always wanted kids. He never stopped claiming he wanted them. But he was pulling that,
scottie pippen shoes, "I just don’t feel…ready…yet" card. Which is valid and even smart for a while! But it had been twenty damn years! And she is 39! I think she ultimately gave him a sort of ultimatum even though they were happy otherwise. It’s almost got a feel of the "having a kid to save the marriage" although that WAS the only issue, or only major one at least, so does that make it kind of different? I’ve known him for twenty-five years too–I do feel he’ll be fine and feel fulfilled–I just sense he really was not getting the "it’s now or never" biological thing. Unfortunately one of my other close friends is going through that, too…

So, we’re having a Pi Day Brunch. That’s the thing that dude wanted me to DIAF over for innocently mentioning, lol. I do admit it is hopelessly and eye-rollingly nerdy, but mostly–again–we just wanted something to break that cabin fever. And it DID seem like a good year to do it with the 3.14.15 extra two digits being added with the year. We’ve got appropriate food, playlist, and games. I do hope we’ll be fine space-wise but I think we’ll be good. We love to entertain,
cheap nike lebron, but it can be tricky. We have a pretty small house. But it is phenomenal for summer entertaining. We have this gorgeous three-tiered deck, an absolutely gorgeous sunporch, and the yard itself is also small but still fits a couple of 10×10 tents just fine but those things are all out of commission at the moment. But we rarely have more than one summer gathering because we’re so busy traveling/going to other people’s things, and you know, obligations. It’s a "slow" time a year, so why not? I mean, I know we’ll be fine. A couple of dozen people are expected. My friends with apartments the same size have that many people and it is fine. There’ll just be some tweaks to our M.O. is all.

Then it’ll be my nephew’s 4th birthday! I’m glad that while there are ups and downs we’re all getting along this year because it’s no good for drama around that. They told him he could pick whatever theme he wanted and he picked…giraffe! My favorite animal! So, very flattering, but of course that means I’ll be called on to help even more than usual,
nike outlet store online, which is a good thing in this case. I think for a cake it may be easiest to build a shape with cupcakes? I’ll research.


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Oldest Oh my gosh, It’s the same exact way with me. I’m 17, I’m 5’1 I have 3 sisters I’m the 2nd oldest and people always guess I’m the youngest (my youngest sister is 11), their always like OMG that girl can’t be driving! she’s not old enough to have her license! When I’ve already had it for like a year. anyways, just try to get through it for now, but when you get old and you still look young it’ll be a benefit :) Rachel Report Abuse I’m 21, but look 16. It is bad in a way because people disrespect and look down on me. But I’ll be laughing one day when they all look super old. For us, it’s good when we age because we will look youthful. It sucks now, but it will benefit us in the future! :p sunshine Report Abuse I’m 16 and I look 13:/ you’ll just grow into your face some day. Kaycee Report Abuse You have a "baby face." Unfortunately, there is no changing that but one day you’ll become old and wish you looked 13! John Report Abuse Smoke cigarettes. You’ll age faster in looks that way. You’ll get all the wrinkles, bad skin,
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Cheap Louis Vuitton best bagsIreland by Maggie Sottero

After I let my Fiorenza crush go, I continued to peruse scour the Maggie Sottero collection and developed crushes on several dresses. I couldn’t really bring myself to wade through all the other designers out there when there was eye candy like this.

Stephanie by Maggie Sottero

Rosemary (discontinued) by Maggie Sottero

Annalise by Maggie Sottero

Lillian by Maggie Sottero

Sabelle by Maggie Sottero

Ambrosia by Maggie Sottero

Sabrina by Maggie Sottero

Claudette (discontinued) by Maggie Sottero

Chelsea (discontinued) by Maggie Sottero

Are you noticing a pattern yet? I was attracted to voluminous, complicated dresses. Lace, ruffles,Cheap Louis Vuitton best bags, full skirts, flowers, you name it. I love that one of the dresses even shared the same name as my MOH.

Bees,Louis Vuitton for sale, I need to confess something too: I never went to my high school prom. Never went to homecoming or any high school dance for that matter. No pretty prom dresses for me. This wedding is my chance to wear a pretty princess gown so I’m going to town on the pouf.

At this point in the dress search, Mr. Funnel Cake was ambivalent about whether the dress would be a surprise for him or not,Cheap Louis Vuitton, so I blatantly searched for dresses in front of him (couldn’t stop myself, really) and I would casually ask his opinion about which styles he liked and show him things I fancied. It is important to me that he finds me attractive in my dress after all.

But every time Mr. Funnel Cake pointed out which dresses he thought were nice, they would be along the lines of this:

Kay by Maggie Sottero

Khloe by Maggie Sottero

Kayla by Maggie Sottero

Ireland by Maggie Sottero

RD1068 by Maggie Sottero

Pretty? Yes. And I was even amused that he pointed out a dress that had the same name as he does, but I always thought his suggestions were too boring for me. Shapeless. Not enough frills! Not to mention the fact that on my figure, it would totally look like I was hiding a baby under there. (Because getting married with the visa issues doesn’t look scandalous enough, let’s go ahead and make it seem like it’s wedlock too!) Oh Mr. FC, I love what a simple man he is, but I am still the same complicated woman he fell in love with and I need a dress that reflects that!

Mr. Funnel Cake did have one piece of advice about the dress I had to follow: “Pick out whatever you want and don’t complain about it later.” There is a good reason why he told me this that I’ll get into later, but suffice it to say he was fine letting me choose whatever my heart desired.

Do you and your fiance have contrasting views on the style of your dress?

Tags: columbuswedding-dress BLOGGER Mrs. Funnel Cake Location: Zürich, Switzerland/Columbus, Ohio Occupation: Visual Communication Designer Wedding Date: October 2011 Venue: Catholic church followed by a botanical conservatory –> PREVIOUS POSTIntroducing Miss Cannon! NEXT POSTWho Ever Said Mice Could Write? Related Posts After the Wedding: How the Funnel Cakes Are Growing Together 10/21/14 @ 10:57 am Before and After Questionnaire: Mrs. Funnel Cake Fills Us In11/21/14 @ 8:28 am After the Wedding: The Most Memorable Part of the Gloves Wedding 10/02/14 @ 8:42 am A Very Belated Wedding Video 11/03/14 @ 3:05 pm 相关的主题文章:

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Authentic Discount Louis Vuitton Outlet Store and none of it could have been possible without the wonderful help and care from our vendors. When planning our wedding

We had an amazing and wonderful wedding, and none of it could have been possible without the wonderful help and care from our vendors. When planning our wedding, I aimed to hire the best people we could within our price range—people we really felt we could trust. And I really relied heavily on them to make sure all of the little details fell into place.

I’m not sure if this list of vendors will be helpful to anyone, but I would like to thank the people we worked with.

Hair & Makeup: Lypor from Teal Hair & Makeup Studio

Photo by Lisa Rigby Photography

I found Lypor from Mrs. Toucan’s posts, and I am so glad I did. She made every one of my girls absolutely beautiful while looking like themselves, and I felt so beautiful on the day of. I took a few inspiration pictures to her, not knowing how they would look, and she made it even more stunning than I thought possible.

Alterations: Chris O’Hare

Everyone on the internet seems to highly recommend Chris, and I absolutely, absolutely agree. I had three alterations visits with her and she is so incredibly nice and efficient. Each visit only took half an hour or so, but she knew exactly what needed to be done. She took in the top,Authentic Discount Louis Vuitton Outlet Store, added flowers to the bodice, made a five-point,Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags, two-tiered bustle, shortened it, added cups, and made the dress fit me like a glove. Highly recommend.

Venue: The College Club of Boston

 Photo by Lisa Rigby Photography

The College Club of Boston is an amazing little gem in Boston. I am so glad we had our wedding there. It really was an absolutely beautiful spot. Our pictures are amazing, and that’s at least half because our backdrop was gorgeous. The food was also amazing, and they took care of most of the details relating to the wedding. Really highly recommend for small weddings.

Photographer: Lisa Rigby Photography

 Photo by Lisa Rigby Photography

Lisa is an incredibly good photographer. I loved just about every single picture I got. You have no idea how difficult it was to narrow down the pictures for the recaps.  I love, love, love how she captures emotions and details. I think she has a real eye for what makes a great shot. She was a little out of our price range, but I think she is worth every cent.

Rehearsal Dinner Location: EVOO

EVOO is a special place for us. It is, after all, where we went for our engagement dinner celebration. The food is really spectacular and really reasonably priced. I also highly recommend Za, the restaurant next door, and their amazing pizza. They really took care of us as a group and even called us immediately when I left my credit card there the night of the rehearsal.

Cake: Cakeology

 Photo by Lisa Rigby Photography

Cakeology makes really, really, really good cupcakes—I mean, look at how delicious they look, and they taste even better than they look. All of our guests raved about how delicious the cupcakes were, and they were very reasonably priced. They set up everything with the cupcake tower and put the wrappers around the cupcakes without batting an eye.

I just have a few minor grievances: 1) we ordered five flavors and only got four, 2) the top tier was not how I asked (and paid for) the cake to be decorated, 3) somehow the gluten-free cupcakes got mixed with the other cupcakes and so our gluten-free guests didn’t get a chance to eat cupcakes before other people took them (mistaking them for the fifth flavor of cupcakes that were supposed to be there,Louis Vuitton Handbags, and gluten-free probably shouldn’t have been mixed with the other cupcakes anyway…).

Grand scheme of things, no big deal, but I can’t pretend it didn’t happen either. I would still recommend them, just need to better summarize any changes you make throughout the planning process.

Justice of Peace: Gayle Smalley

 Photo by Lisa Rigby Photography

Hands down, Gayle was one of my favorite people to work with during the wedding-planning process. She is so sweet and so smart. She really understands how wedding ceremonies work and really got to know us as a couple. She worked really hard to write our ceremony to be a reflection of us. Many guests have commented at how beautiful our ceremony was and how Gayle really seemed like there was nowhere else she would rather be. I think we really lucked out with Gayle, and I highly recommend her.

Music: Tony Malionek

 Photo by Lisa Rigby Photography

Tony came recommended by The College Club. He happens to be the guy who maintains the piano there and has done many events there previously. He also is the vendor that I had the least amount of contact with—I believe we had a five-minute conversation where I told him our processional and recessional songs…and then I let him do his own thing. He plays beautifully and is very talented.

How did you pick your vendors?

Tags: bostoncakehairmakeupmusicphotographypicturespro picsrecapVenues BLOGGER Mrs. Panda Location: Boston, MA Occupation: Graduate Student Wedding Date: June 2013 –> PREVIOUS POSTThe Fast and the Furriest NEXT POSTHow to Be a Good Wedding Guest Related Posts My Heart Bleats for You: Red Velvet Style10/28/14 @ 8:34 am Stuck on You: Cake in the Face or Not to Cake in the Face02/11/15 @ 6:57 am Makeup Trials and Tribulations12/22/14 @ 12:56 pm Me Llama Mrs. Llama: A First Look09/26/14 @ 6:02 am 相关的主题文章:

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2015 Cheap Louis Vuitton Bagst that I didn’

Before I get into the thick of my recaps,2015 Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags, I want to back it up a bit (back, back, back it up!!) to early August when I was home for my fab bachelorette party. We need to discuss my wedding dress. My fabulous, gorgeous wedding dress.

While I was in Seattle for the bach, as usual I knocked out two wedding tasks with one plane ticket (or however the saying goes) and scheduled my final dress fitting for that same weekend—it would be the last time I was in town prior to the wedding and I wanted to be sure that any changes that needed to be made were done in time for the wedding.

Those ruffles! Sigh.

I tried on the dress a total of three times (including when I first laid eyes on that baby) prior to the wedding.

As you may recall, I initially tried on my dress on a bit of a whim – it didn’t fit my original dress aesthetic, but I saw it in the window and thought it would be a fun dress to try on. It was so crazy sexy cool! And different from most other wedding dresses I had seen. Lo and behold, I loved how it looked when I tried it on and it fit like a dream right then and there off the rack. I was smitten! So I bought it.

Now, let’s get real here. After I had purchased the dress and went in again to have it fitted, I had some serious wedding dress regret. As you can see, my dress is, well, ruffly. Fluffy. Froofy. Puffy. Not your typical, classic wedding dress.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like the dress the second time I tried it on, but I got really worried that Mr. CA wouldn’t like the dress. Nagging doubts kept creeping into my mind: He’s going to think it’s too froofy. He’s going to think it’s too ruffly. He’s going to think it’s not classic enough. He’s going to think I look silly. He’s going to hate it.

Look at all that ruffly fabulousness.

I hold Mr. CA’s opinions very highly and I was worried that he was going to think I looked hideous and silly on our wedding day. I worried that I would look back at pictures and think how dated the dress looked. It was not a fun feeling, particularly after my mom had spent so much money on the dress. I wanted to be in love with my dress, but it was hard when I thought Mr. CA wouldn’t like it. I kept my worries to myself, but they lingered in the back of my mind.

Needless to say, I was a bit apprehensive when I went in for my final fitting. In fact, I was dreading it. But you know what? When I went in that last time and they tucked the veil into my hair, and I slipped my feet into those sparkly Kate Spade beauties, and I wiggled into that frothy confection of a dress? I loved it. I absolutely loved it. I felt like a princess. A bride.

And after that, I realized something. Something that all of the wedding blogs and inspiration photos and pretty pictures had clouded in my wedding-inspiration-addled brain. I knew that Mr. CA would love me in that dress on our wedding day because guess what? I loved it and I thought I looked pretty smokin’ in it. Yep, I did. I said it. I looked like a bride. A real bride. And ultimately I knew it wouldn’t matter what I was wearing on our wedding day – Mr. CA would say his vows to me if we were both wearing paper bags and he would still be the happiest man alive because he loves me that damn much.

We replaced the brooch that came with the dress with one my mom let me borrow – my “something borrowed!” Silver and pearls from Japan, given to her when she was living there.

Wedding dress bliss. I think I’m demonstrating the froofy-ness of the ruffles for Mom CA and MOH. That, or saying “get in mah bellay!”

MOH attempting to bustle all of those ruffles. Tough job!!


Happiness!! With my sister and my mommy.

Did I mention that I flippin’ loved my veil? Yeah. I flippin’ loved my veil.

Did I mention that I flippin’ loved my dress? Yeah. I flippin’,2015 Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags; loved my dress.

On the bridal salon’s awesome runway. Happy girl!

Just remember that. If you get stressed about your weight, or you start having whispering doubts about your dress, or you decide to go with something a little different and crazy for your big day, just remember that what matters is you and your partner getting up there and vowing to stick it through for better or for worse. What you’re wearing doesn’t matter in the end.

What matters is that you pick a dress that you feel awesome in, a dress that makes you smile. That happiness will shine through on your wedding day. And guess what? Mr. CA loved my dress.

Did you have dress regret? Were you able to get over it, or did you decide to go with another dress? Anyone else out there go with mega-ruffles?

Cheap Louis Vuitton bags, we showered. Tea-party style. Recaps commenced. Sort of.

**All photography in this post is personal**

Tags: picturesrecapseattlewedding-dress BLOGGER Mrs. Candy Apple Location: Princeton Junction, NJ/ Seattle, WA Occupation: Project Editor Wedding Date: August 2011 Venue: St. Joseph’s Parish, Seattle Tennis Club –> PREVIOUS POSTFind Your Bridal Style at Tailored! NEXT POSTSome Pretty Little Dresses Related Posts Monumental Love: Becoming a Bride 12/11/14 @ 9:14 am Monumental Love: My “Damn Regal” Bridal Entrance01/22/15 @ 6:40 am Cala-Married: The Squid Recaps and a Wedding Miracle03/02/15 @ 9:28 am My Heart Bleats for You: First Look09/24/14 @ 12:27 pm 相关的主题文章:

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Authentic Discount Louis Vuitton Outlet Storecheap car hire in Romford

Romford which is a large cosmopolitan town situated near the great city of London offers some of the wonderful and most exciting possibilities for the tourists and journeyers. Due to the immense popularity of London around the world, millions of people visit the great city every year and many of them prefer Romford as their location for stay in London. In fact the people who are looking for a long vacation in London prefer to look around in Romford for cheap and budget friendly hotels, inns and guest houses. They can also easily hire a car in Romford and get around the city of London without having to worry about the roads, directions and traffic. The best thing about Romford is that it is at a very close proximity to Central London especially the Charring Cross. There are many worth visiting, in fact must-see places in and around the town of Romford however the most popular of them include:

Havering Museum Ltd

Havering museum is one of the most popular destinations located in the town of Romford,Authentic Discount Louis Vuitton Outlet Store. It is located at the place where once the Romford Brewery stood. The museum of Havering provides comprehensive information about the past of the area. There you can also find about the achievements of the local residents. The museum was established and built by the local people of Havering and each and every bit of it is a proof to the determination and hard work of the local people of Havering,Cheap Louis Vuitton bags. The project of the Havering Museum was granted with a huge fund by the Heritage Fund. The museum was commenced in the year 2010. It is based on a single story building containing everything on the ground floor. You can opt for cheap car hire in Romford for managing your trip comfortably and within your budget,Louis Vuitton Bags.

Liquid & Envy

The Liquid & Envy is a club situated at the 108 South Street, Romford, Essex. The club was inaugurated in 1930s and became highly popular in the days to come. It is one of the hottest destinations near the town of Romford. People not only from Romford but also from all over the Central London visit the Liquid and Envy club for spending a memorable time, for leisure and fun. Getting Romford car hire services and strolling through the town is one of the best things you can do during your trip to the town of Romford. The Liquid & Envy club houses a cinema, a fully stocked bar, night club and much more.

Zombie Land Skatepark

It is one of the best places for family entertainment and leisure. The zombie land Skatepark which was formerly known as the Random Ramps was inaugurated in 2010 and is one of the best places for skating all over the region. People from all surrounding areas including the central London, visit the zombie land Skatepark for enjoying some of the unforgettable skating experiences ever. All kinds of drinks and snacks are available at the park and there is even a small skate shop at the park. CrossCab provides Romford cheap car hire services for your visit in and around the town of Romford.


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Authentic Discount Louis Vuitton Outlet Store

Previously I showed you what all of my flowers look like. By that time, I had also finished all of my BM bouquets and the tossing bouquet (I am keeping the one you’re about to see). But there was still a lot of details to complete on my bouquet, because I wanted the bottom to look like this!

I looove burlap! In my room in Chile I had tons of things made of burlap. I love the rustic feel and the soft brown texture, so to me, burlap was the very first idea that came to my mind when I was thinking about how to make the bottom of my bouquet. Luckily I brought some leftover pieces of burlap from Chile, and it was the perfect size!

So,Authentic Discount Louis Vuitton Outlet Store, I started with the top, and cut 9 3×8 inch inches pieces. On one side I added some floral wire to add body to the burlap (I tried it without the wire and it was very floppy).

After that I sewed each one of them leaving the wire on the inside. I used the burlap strings to sew it so it wouldn’t show.

I finish all 9 but I end up using only 7 pieces around the top of the bouquet.

I wrapped them around and secured them with pins. After that I wrapped everything up with a long piece of burlap and sewed each top piece to it. Once they were secured,Cheap Louis Vuitton bags for sale, I removed the pins.

And the last step was to add the covering piece of burlap. I folded and sewed the edges for a cleaner look.

Then I added some green pins to add a little bit of color, and TA DA! My bouquet is ready to be used!

I am planning on attaching Mr. Poodle’s great grandmother’s engagement ring (the one I wore for our legal ceremony) to it, just because I want to be able to wear it again! It means so much to me!
I think it will be the perfect spot for it,Louis Vuitton Bags! What do you think?

What interesting materials or features will you add to your bouquet?

Tags: bouquetdiysan-bernardino BLOGGER Mrs. Poodle Location: Santiago, Chile/San Bernardino, CA Occupation: Industrial & Web Designer Wedding Date: January 2010 Venue: Mr. P’s Grandparents’ Ranch –> PREVIOUS POSTUp and Away: The Bridal Party Cleans Up ”“ The Ladies NEXT POSTOur Rainy-Day Wedding: The Faux-tobooth Related Posts Planning a Wedding in the Pinterest Era02/13/15 @ 7:51 am Sewing 101: A Striped Table Runner with a Pointed End10/06/14 @ 1:01 pm Save Our Date and Tips for Saving Yours02/06/15 @ 10:37 am How to Make Hanging Flower Vases09/29/14 @ 12:36 pm 相关的主题文章:

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Louis Vuitton Bagsve got a great giveaway for Weddingbee readers

Congratulations to our winners, Crown, judya64, and snmcdowell!


Indigo Album Design offers affordable handmade Flush Albums and Coffee Table Books, all featuring
personalized design layouts. This month they’re launching something new and exciting, and to celebrate, they’ve got a great giveaway for Weddingbee readers!

Indigo is now offering “The Album Bundle,” which includes a main wedding album with a custom clamshell album box and two parent albums. The Album Bundle is the perfect way to spread the album love! These albums feature all panoramic full spreads with a custom design of your photographs. To top it off, you can choose between the black or red vinyl cover treatments and you’ve instantly taken care of both sets of parents’ holiday gifts for the year!

To celebrate the launch, Indigo Album Design is giving away (3) $100 gift cards to three lucky Weddingbee readers!

If you’re interested in “The Album Bundle,” now’s a great time to order! The Bundle is currently 12% off through April 15th. Order now and save!

You have two chances to enter this contest!

To enter to win one of the three $100 gift cards, head on over to Indigo Album Design’s new Album Bundle and then come back here and let us know what your favorite aspect is about the bundle. For a second chance to win,Louis Vuitton Bags, follow Weddingbee on Twitter and retweet this contest (if you’re already a follower,Cheap Louis Vuitton bags for sale, simply retweet by clicking here)! Then come back here and let us know that you followed/retweeted. You have until Wednesday,Cheap Louis Vuitton bags, April 20, 2011 at 11:59 PM PST to enter. Good luck!

Tags: Features BLOGGER Contests –> PREVIOUS POSTClutch What? NEXT POSTIn Search of My Dress-tiny: The Last Stop Related Posts Classifieds: September 26, 201409/26/14 @ 2:35 pm Classifieds: September 9, 201409/09/14 @ 1:31 pm Classifieds: January 29, 201501/29/15 @ 3:07 pm Top 10 Wedding Ideas from Pinterest: October 29, 201410/29/14 @ 9:13 am 相关的主题文章:

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